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Let’s discover together the human being future based on the “4th Industrial Revolution”

About us

Agrevo is the authorized global distributor of the revolutionary Freeze-thaw awakening technology (FTAT) invented in Japan.

United by the same dream with our partners, we are committed to revolutionize the world's agriculture and help solve global food and environmental problems through continuous research, development, production and offering of cold-resistant seeds and plants based on the patented FTAT technology.

We aim to help countries:

  • Improve food self-sufficiency rates
  • Produce truly healthy food to improve human immunity, which leads to future medical reforms success
  • Solve the global food shortage by improving crops production efficiency
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・The Freeze-thaw awakening technology (FTAT) helps solve the food crisis by improving global crops and food production.

・FTAT contributs to farmers' economies by means of more efficient agricultural production in the high-temperate and cold regions.

・FTAT enhances production of organic food which improves the body's immune system and contributes to the shift from the cure to the not-so-distant care in the medical field.




Recruitment of fields for freeze thaw awakening technology

“Recruitment of fields for freeze thaw awakening technology”



Japan's Technology to Avoid a Worldwide Food Crisis

“Japan's Technology to Avoid a Worldwide Food Crisis”



The Freeze-thaw awakening technology (FTAT) is a revolutionary technology developed in Japan by professor Setsuzo Tanaka. The cells or seeds are frozen at a temperature of -60C. The seeds and cells experience an artificial ice age by the low-temperature treatment, which induces an initialization of the environmental information encoded in the genome of the plants. This leads to enhanced adaptivity towards various environments. In contrast to genetic recombination techniques, this technology provides plants with better resistance to high- and low temperature as well as resistance towards pests and insects without altering the genome itself. In addition, FTAT technology improves the growth speed of the treated plants and enables higher crop yields. This technology is harmless to the environment and health and makes it possible to grow organically and crop tropical plants stably in the different temperate zones. The reproducibility of the technology has been proved in over 230 different types of plants so far.

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